Tool for TacticalOps on Dual Core CPUs
Author: InterCeptor
Submitted by: Kagome   Date: 2007-07-01 22:53
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You all with the 2Core Cpus know it:
Starting TO, open TaskManager and set TO to only one Core.. or you can't play without lag / speedhack / whatever
Here is a Solution:

OneProc looks for active specified processes.
On dualcore or multiprocessor systems it enables these to run on only one CPU/Core.
Switching to the taskmanager is not needed anymore.
You can configure OneProc by doubleclicking the system tray symbol.

This Program is made by =ICE=InterCEptor not by the ESE-Team!
=ICE=InterCEptor is coding on the ESE-LogfileManager (used while Betatests - not interessting for you) too - so he is a good Coder :P
This Tool is not supported by the ESE-Team !!!! (it will work with ESE, but we don't help if you have troubles with the Program)
Only =ICE=InterCEptor will help you with Bugs / Problems.


The ESE-Team thought it is a good Way to make Life easier :P so we posted it on our site.
Download : OneProc
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