ESE Tools 

ESE Tools


MD5 Scanner:


The ESE MD5 Scan will check your Tactical Ops/System installation path for “unknown” and/or “broken” files which may exist. The program will flag up these files so you are aware these files need replacing (if original TO 3.5 game files, ask a friend for correct file or re-install TacticalOps and apply the 3.4 and 3.5 Patches) or removing (if 3rd party files exist in your TO folder).

This prevents you from getting kicked for unknown or broken/altered files when in-game.
Note: You may notice the path to your 'TO-folder' in the top right hand corner is automatically found, this is because of the Path settings in the ESE Account Manager (Settings tab)

Simply select the "begin scan" button and the program will automatically start to scan your TO installation folder.

In the left part of the window you will see the broken/unknown files listed.
If you want to interrupt the scan click on 'Cancel'.
For your convenience the results of the scan are stored in the subdirectory 'Logs' of the AccountManager... however you can double click on the bottom 'status bar window' where it says "report saved to:..." and it will automatically open the Log file directly.

You should think about re-installating TacticalOps (AoT) if there are any core engine files broken.
Unknown Files from custom-maps or 3rd party mods/addons should be deleted or sent to ESE team to be added to the ESE White List (E.G Custom crosshairs, sounds, textures and so on..)

INI Cleaner:


The INI cleaner tool is designed to clean your User.Ini and TacticalOps.ini from outdated and obsolete entries.
If you have played for a very long with the same User.INI and TacticalOps.INI, without manually cleaning them of unnecessary sections of outdated TOST versions and mutators, there will be many lines such as the very old 'TOSTProtect' versions which will eat up your system resources.
Note: When you join an ESE server, it scans both .INI files, so if you clean it from time to time, ESE anti-cheat system has less lines to scan which means; better performance & quicker checksums.

Not only does it remove and clean up the files, it also fixes known problems which conflict with ESE.
For example:
- Add & Delete false "|" in User.ini
- Add & Delete Empty Lines
- Add Check for false TABs in User.ini (avoid Client Crash)
- Add small Fix for ESE Client (avoid Client Crash on mapchanges)

Select which options from the 3 checkboxes on the right hand side you wish to run before starting the tool;

- Disable Dynamic Lighting
// Select this option if you wish to Disable Dynamic lighting from ingame. This is not a bug fix, just a quick way to change the setting.

- Fix ESE Bug in Default.ini
// This will clean and fix known bugs in your Default.ini, so should your TacticalOps crash, or your INI' files be corrupt, the default TacticalOps ini's are automatically 'cleaned' to prevent you from having crashes or General Protection Faults (GPF's) ingame.

- Autobackup ini files
// This function is self explanatory; before clean the TacticalOps + User.ini, it will create a backup of both, so should you wish, you can fall back to those file versions.

select the 'Start Search' button and let the tool run.
Once it has completed, you will then see a list of entries in the main window.

At the bottom of the window you will see quick-link buttons 'Select All Entries' and 'Unselect all entries'
Once you have decided which entries to delete, simply select the 'Delete Selected' button on the bottom right hand side to carry out the operation.

That's it! Very simple! All your .ini's are cleaned and you're now ready to play on ESE Protected servers without potential crashes on mapchange and other known problems.

MAP Information:


This section is of little importance to you, but may be used by the ESE Team to help diagnose problems and find solutions some 'some' problems.

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