Prepare your TO... 
TO prepare system (eng)

Prepare your Tactical Ops...

During our extensive and elaborate tests we encountered a few errors, kicks & General Protection Faults (otherwise known as GPF's), that led back to the Tactical Ops Installation itself.
That's why we've got a few tips for you to prepare your system for ESE:

For starters, you should definitely clean your INI's with the ESE Tools program.

(Back them up first, in case something goes wrong)
Remove all the unnecessary and outdated entries in TacticalOps.ini, TOUser.ini and User.ini,

An enormous amount of TOSTVersions and TOSTProtect entries were gathered in these .ini's over the last several years.

For ESE to scan and check these un-cleaned .ini's from top to bottom, is quite a task and it can lead to numerous Time-Outs.
"Fresh" new .ini's should be around 15kB in size, which, can double if people start messing around in practice mode.

The amount of stored Game Server favorites you have saved, plays a part as well, but their sizes should still not be over 30kB!

In one of the future versions of the Account Manager we'll try to make these clean sweeps an automatic function.

From time to time, take a look at your TacticalOps.log
You'll find entries reading "accessed none" which indicates that there's a problem.
Some of the problems are well known while there are others we are unable to solve at this point in time.
Most 'accessed nones' only fixable by a new TO Patch! Those entries can also be very time consuming and lead to Time-Outs as well.

If you find further repeated messages in your log, please send us the messages, including the log.
This way we'll try to fix the problem.

20.09.2010 14:29:27