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On this page you can see the list of clans you are either currently a member of, or requesting to join.
The CID is the Clan-ID.
You can also see the Nickname that you're using in that clan, as well as the nickname without any special characters (for linux servers).
The player symbol () in front of your nickname means you're requesting membership to a clan, but have not yet been accepted by its leader.

With the buttons below you are able to:

Create a clan (fill in the information in the pop-up and click OK)
New : The clan 'homepage' is required. ESE team will sometimes run routine checks to confirm eligibility of a clan, that the link corresponds to a REAL registered clan HP.. or that of a League Homepage (E.G. Clanbase)

The Join a clan system has changed

You are now able to 'search' the clan which you want to join, as long as they are registered on ESE.
You can Search by 'tag' or by 'clan name'
Example Tag: (EM)
Example Clan Name: Elite Marines

By searching either way, you would find clan, CID:2

A special characteristic of the anti-fake system should be noted.
Clan tags and Nicknames are case sensitive, so if you're in multiple clans with different formatting, symbols and so on.. make sure you are very precise with your name changes in-game otherwise they will be denied.
If this situation applies to you, we recommend you create keybinds to be exact.
The first 10 days after you've joined a clan, you fall under the Ringer-Protection!
If a server admin enables 'Ringer Protection' on their server, you won't be able to play with the clantag

Quit a clan (select the clan and press the button)

Homepage (this will open your default internet browser to the selected clan's website)

Favourite (if you are in more than one clan, this will set the selected team as your default and prefered choice of tag in-game. Once selected, the following image will be displayed next to the chosen team.)

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