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#12474   2008-03-30 16:36 GMT      
No, not at the moment.

ESE works exclusively with TO 3.50 and new TOST44 only.
Maybe, if we have the time to have a look at it in the future, we can find a way to make a version for TO 3.40 and an update for TOST42.

However for now our mainstream is TO 3.50. The reasons for this are AOT 3.5 has many fixes that would currently take too long to fix in TOST (to support 3.4) Also, the TOST 44 framework is different than TOST 41 and 42, updating it would take a while and time is of the essence at the moment.

There are also some small changes in the TO code that might need a special update from ESE. At the moment there is no planned 3.4 version, but we'll take it into consideration. Please understand that porting it to a downgraded TO version takes time better spent fixing current bugs, preventing new cheats and making more user friendly player & admin features.

But keep in mind, if the situation will change, we'll let everyone know.

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